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  • - startup is $400 / Max 20,000
  • - your daily accrual is 1% of your total investment with us.
  • - Stop/Pause trade applied.
  • - You can withdraw fund weekly.
  • - Withdrawals are processed within 30mins-24hrs
  • - Your capital remains with us for minimum of 6 months with 10% contract termination charge.


  • - Startup is $10,000 / Max 75,000
  • - Your daily accrued is 1.5% of total deposit with us.
  • - Pause/stop trade applied.
  • - You can withdraw fund weekly
  • - Withdrawals are processed within 48hrs
  • - Minimum of 1 year contract, account closure attracts 10% charge on capital.


    A Refeerial is an act of referring someone or something for consultation, review, or further action. One of the best ways to boost your business is to get referrals from existing customers. Because they already know and trust the brand, your customers can be your best marketing tool. But you’ve still got to develop a solid strategy for your referral marketing campaign. You Can Also EARN A Referral BOUNCE Of [ 0.5% ] From Your Invites.

    This Referrial also allows you stand as our Referrial makes you get paid professionally as our Rental Agent. This Rental Ability Allows You To Own A Real Estate Property Corporate With Your Computer / Mobile.


    Real Estate Rental is a major asset class that is popular, and is available to all citizens and foreigners (under the FTA, citizens of Switzerland, USA, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Romania to extra 29 country Risk managemnet to consider in REAL ESTATE RENTAL Union Real Estate Rental consider the listed factor's in other to brigh our investor's an adequate property that worth investing. Supply and demand for housing, including any future development that will increase demand. Crime rate. School ratings. Average property value. Average rent. On like other real estate rental companies don't consider this factors with is a plus to Union real estate rental.

    Laws and regulations pertaining to real estate rental transactions are constantly changing (often within months), and can often have great monetary impact on a Buyer or Seller. The government agency controls the supply of land for property development by developers.

    Most investors invest in high-end commercial, residential or industrial properties for inflation-hedging income-generation, and potential asset appreciation.

    Established in February 2011, Union Estate has more than 4,200 management & support staff, real estate consultants & managers, property management specialists, and information technology consultants to provide a one-stop real estate search service to both corporate and individual clients